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‘Heatsavr’ – Liquid Solar Cover

Removing and putting on a solar blanket can become very tiresome and is a hard task to do on your own.

The Heatsavr Liquid Solar Cover keeps the heat in your pool without the hassle!

Heatsavr is a transparent solar cover that forms a barrier on top of the pool to reduce heat loss. It is guaranteed to save energy and water in any type of pool – whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool.  

You can expect to see energy savings of up to 40%!

There is barely any maintenance involved in using the Heatsavr. There is even an optional ‘Heatsavr Metering System’ which can be installed to ensure your pool receives all the energy savings possible.


The Heatsavr Liquid is a Biodegradable Environmentally friendly product!

 Make the decision to Go Green with us this summer – and enjoy your swimming pool without the hassle!



  • Reduces Heat Loss
  • Reduces Energy & Maintenance Costs
  • Biodegradable
  • Reduces water consumption



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