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Repair Compounds

Vinyl Repair

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Leak Sealant

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Rope and Float Assemblies

Rope and Float Assemblies
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Pool Accessories

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Maintenance Equipment

Vacuum Heads                     
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Leaf Skimmer                                     Leaf Rake
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Poles and Brushes
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Chemical Feeders

It is extremely important that the plumbing sequence is correct for all swimming pools and spas.

Chemicals such as Chlorine or Bromine should be added to the water being returned to the swimming pool or spa after the pool equipment and especially after the pool heater where the corrosive effect of the chemicals can greatly reduce its life.

The Pool Water Chemistry is very critical and should be carefully Managed.

The following is the recommended plumbing for a pool or spa. The chemical feeder (shown as the chlorinator in the diagram) is the very last item in the water flow from the skimmer and back to the pool.

Image Home Improvements Inc. recommends that all pools should be equipped with an automatic chemical feeder for chlorine or bromine.

If a salt water chlorine generator is used the location of the generating cell will be in the same location after the heater.

The following Hayward chemical feeders are available from Image Home Improvements Inc.

Other products are also available upon request.

Auto Chlorine Feeder

Efficient, maintenance-free, durable, corrosion-proof automatic.


Available Options:     In Line or Off Line




Auto Bromine Feeder

Efficient, maintenance-free, durable, corrosion-proof automatic.


Available Options:     In Line or Off Line






Chlorine Generator - Salt Systems

 A salt system is an automatic chlorine generation system for pool or spa sanitation which requires a low concentration of salt (sodium chloride) in the pool or spa water.

The salt levels are low enough that it normally will not be tasted. The generator converts Salt into Free Chlorine which kills bacteria and algae in the pool.

The following Hayward Salt Systems are available from Image Home Improvements Inc.

Other products are also available upon request.

 Aqua Rite

The #1 selling electronic chlorine generator in North America for the last decade.

  • Microprocessor automates all functions
  • Digital salt display and 8 diagnostic indicators
  • Super chlorinate function
  • Required salt level 2700 to 3400 ppm
  • Power input 120VAC/240VAC power input
  • UL and CUL Listed, NSF certified

Turbo Cell Sizes:   40K, 25K or 15K gallons

                             150K, 95K, or 56K liters


 Aqua Rite LOW SALT

The Low Salt Chlorine Generator offers the same approach to pool sanitization as the Aqua Rite. However it uses virtually half the amount of salt concentration in the pool. This makes it a more friendly chlorine generator.

  • Microprocessor automates all functions
  • Digital salt display and 8 diagnostic indicators
  • Super chlorinate function
  • Required salt level 1200 to 1800 ppm
  • C/W 30K gal - 112K liters Cell




Home Maintenance

For Image to complete Home Renovations we need a full complement of skills and trades.

If you require Home Maintenance and want to ensure that you select a professional who is skilled, licensed and who will complete the work with good quality you need to look no further.

Image Home Improvements Inc. can look after your needs.

Maintenance Services: home maintenance 2


Shingles, Eves Troughs, Fascia, Soffit, skylights and more.

Since 1980 our roofing partner has satisfied customers' renovation needs with a wide selection of high-quality products including shingles, soffits and fascia, seamless eaves troughing, vinyl siding, Velux skylights and sun tunnels and a wide range of accessories.

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Windows & Doors

Since 1996 our windows and doors partner has satisfied customers with a wide selection of energy-saving replacement windows, entrance door systems plus garden and patio doors.

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Professional skilled electricians – ESA permit with every renovation

We service the Residential, Commercial and Industrial fields.
We thrive on punctuality, completion of projects on time, workmanship and courteous service to all clients from smallest to largest; all are treated equally.
Given the opportunity to provide our services to any client, our main objective, is to exceed their expectations.



Professional and Skilled – available for planned and emergency call outs.

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Chimney Repair        

After 30 years of chimney repair service we are confident that our partner can cater to all your chimney restoration needs.

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Garage Doors

We offer a wide selection of residential ,commercial and industrial overhead doors to meet a variety of applications. We also stock a full supply of electric openers and accessories as well as decorative windows , decorative hardware and custom painting to add a personal touch.

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Gas Fitter
Looking for a top quality gas work? Look no further. Choose Image Home Improvements for all of your home Gas needs. We can install and service your Swimming Pool Heater, Furnace, Fireplace, BBQ Hook-up, Gas lines, Water Heaters and more.
Gas Services:
- HVACgas-line-installation-large 2
- Pool Heater Inspection
- Pool Heater Preventative Maintenance
- Pool Heater Install
- Gas Line Installation
- Furnace Repair & Installation
- Sheet Metal
- Furnace Tune-Up
- Fireplace Installation and Repair
- Appliance Installation
-Gas Dryer, Gas Stove, Gas Range, Gas Cooktop

Tree Removal
Please contact us if you need a tree removed from your property.
Treee Removal  resize  Treee Removal  3 resize

Spray Foam
Spray foam is a thermal insulation that will improve the energy savings in your home. Once installed, the air barrier material will not shrink or sag. We recommend using spray foam to insulate your home, especially those hard to seal areas. Please contact us for more information.
             Davies - spray foam  1 resize Davies - spray foam  2 resize Cayuga - spray foam  1 resize
Attic - Blown Insulation
Attic insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy usuage in your home. Without proper insulation it is possible to lose up to 50% of your heat during the winter season. Attic insulation also allows you to save on the amount of Air Conditioning used during the summertime. If you are worried about inadequate insulation in your home please contact us to schedule an inspection.
attic-blown-in-insulation 1 blown-in-insulation-fiberglass-or-cellulose--3


The following Hayward Natural Gas or Propane swimming pool heaters are available from Image Home Improvements Inc.

Other products are also available upon request.

Universal H-Series

This energy efficient, high performance heater requires either 230VAC or 115VAC to power the unit. The heater is equipped with a cupro nickel heat exchanger which has excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance and an exclusive 'Totally Managed' cupro nickel heat exchanger water flow which has the same water velocity through all tubes for faster water heating.
Low NOx emissions.

Available in the following sizes:

150,000 BTU, 200,000 BTU, 250,000 BTU, 300,000 BTU, 350,000 BTU, 399,900 BTU

Natural Gas or Propane

H-Series Millivolt

The heaters include a rust-resistant water path with a polymer header assembly and a rapid-heat combustion chamber. The heater does not require additional electrical power.

The heaters are equipped with a cupro nickel Heat Exchanger for efficient heating and durability which provides improved durability and longevity against the damaging effects that can occur under high-flow conditions or from occasional pool chemical imbalances, and is ideal for salt-chlorinated pools.

Available in the following sizes:

150,000 BTU, 200,000 BTU, 250,000 BTU

Natural Gas or Propane.

H-Series Electronic Heater (ED2)

Direct spark ignition heaters come with stainless steel burners and a corrosion-resistant Finn Plate heat exchanger with cupro nickel and Fire Tile combustion chamber.

Available in the following sizes:

250,000 BTU

Natural Gas

We also carry Jandy and Sta-Rite heaters. 


Solar Cover & Reels


The main purpose of a solar cover is to prevent water evaporation and to keep heat from escaping at night.


  • The chart below lists the available sizes for solar covers
  • Solar Cover - Standard Reel & Auto Reel (water powered)
  • A Solar Cover can be akward to use

  Consider the Liquid Solar Cover solution - Click here

Solar Cover Sizes - Colour "Blue"


Solar Cover Reel

FeherGuard - Wheels end pack (standard)
FeherGuard - Wheels end pack (low profile)
FeherGuard - Auto Reel
Tube Set - 18ft Roller
Tube Set - 20ft Roller
Tube Set - 25ft Roller - Heavy Duty


Contact Image for Assistance on Selection

Auto Reel


   Powered  by your garden hose!




Click here for more information or to order a Cover/ Reel




Pool Tiling and Painting

There is only one way to refinish pool tile and paint...

The right way!

The key to a successful finish is to prepare the pool correctly and to use the right products.

Tiling Process:

  • Drain Pool
  • Remove existing tile
  • Completely remove any old thin set, mortar or adhesive that was behind tiles
  • Repair any cracks or damage to pool
  • Completely clean, and wire brush to electric tool to remove any loose material.
  • Select the porcelain tile of customer choice.
  • Install new tile with correct thinset and mixing product. Mortar is not mixed with water!
  • Grout tiles

The new tile cannot be submersed in water for several weeks. Image sets up suction pipes for the skimmers so that the pool can be used during this time – Our Season Is Short!


 Painting Process:

  • Drain Pool
  • Scrape away any loose paint
  • Repair damaged areas of the pool
  • Soda Blast the pool to etch the surface to ensure the paint bonds correctly.
  • Prime the pool with the appropriate choice of product
  • Prime coat
  • Finish coat(s)



Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy pool coatings have proven to be the most effective long-range protection for swimming pool surfaces. This is due to the fact that epoxies cure to a very hard, non-porous finish that is insensitive to pool chemicals, ph balance and automatic pool cleaning machines. Their "ceramic-like" qualities create a fresh and inviting appearance that is easy to clean and extremely durable.

Image recommends and uses Olympic Epoxy Products.


The Zeron system is the longest lasting epoxy pool coating available. You can expect up to eight years of service from  one application of this product.

The greatest advantage of the Zeron system is that it only requires one coat.

Uncoated pool surfaces will require a prime coat to insure good adhesion.

Zeron is a heavier bodied material than POXOLON 2 and requires a little more effort in its application and will not spread as far. However, due to the extremely long life of Zeron, the cost per year of service is lower than any other pool coating available.

Poxolon 2:

The Poxolon 2 system is a high gloss epoxy pool coating that is easy to apply and should yield up to five years of service. This finish is very easy to clean as is the case with all epoxy pool coatings.

Uncoated pool surfaces will require a prime coat to insure good adhesion.

Two finish coats of Poxolon 2 are required in all cases.




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The following Hayward filters are available from Image Home Improvements Inc.
Other products are also available upon request.
Pro Series Top-Mount – Sand Filter:

Pro Series sand filters provide efficient flow, totally balanced backwashing and an advanced self-cleaning for the best value in filtration.



Available in the following sizes:

18”, 21”, 22”, 24”, 27”, 30”, 36”


SwimClear – Cartridge Filter:

SwimClear cartridge filters provide an energy efficient flow with no backwashing. This can save up to 2,500 gallons of water per year. The cartridges require periodic cleaning.



Available in the following sizes:

225 Sq.Ft, 325 Sq.Ft, 425 Sq.Ft, 525 Sq.Ft


The above are our most popular filters that we work with.

We also carry Jandy, Sta-Rite & Pentair products.

Fiber Clear:

Image recommends a Fibre Clear treatment every 4 weeks during the pool season for Sand Filters.

Sand filters will provide filtration down to approximately 40 microns.

Using Fiber Clear as a light top coat filter aid will improve the filter’s ability to capture particulate down to 2 microns.


Click here to contact Image for more information on our 4 visit Fiber Clear service package.






The following Hayward pumps are available from Image Home Improvements Inc.
Other products are also available upon request.

Hayward Super Pump

The Super Pump is the world's best selling pool pump and can be connected to 230/115VAC.

 Available sizes:     Single Speed:          ¾ HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP and 2.5 HP
                 2 Speed:                 1 HP and 1.5 HP with switch

Hayward Super Pump II

The Super Pump II is a reliable pool pump that offers high performance capabilities as an upgrade path for medium head pumps. Up to 1.5HP available in 115/230 VAC and 230VAC after that.

Heavy-duty, high performance motor with airflow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation

                       Available sizes:        Single Speed:          ¾ HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP and 2.5 HP
                                                            2 Speed:          1 HP and 1.5 HP with switch 2 HP w/o switch


The TriStar is the most hydraulically efficient pool pump that provides superior flow and energy efficiency.

Heavy-duty motor with dynamic airflow - greater dependability and longer life.

2in x 2.5in CPVC union connections - adapt to larger plumbing recommended for greater efficiencies with larger plumbing, run the pump less per day, saving energy and money.

Available sizes:    Single Speed:       ½ HP, ¾ HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP and 3 HP
 2 Speed:        1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP

EcoStar SVRS

EcoStar SVRS

The EcoStar variable speed pump with integrated SVRS is the most efficient pump at any speed. It provides an added layer of protection with the greatest opportunity to save energy and money.

Its super-efficient permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor and industry leading hydraulic design can save homeowners up to 90% on their energy costs

Integrated controller is programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom speed and timer functions that allow EcoStar to manage flow throughout the day.

 The above are our most popular pumps that we work with.

We also carry Jandy, Sta-Rite, Pentair and Intelliflo. 

Safety Covers


A Safety Cover over the backyard pool is not only better looking than other traditional winter covers but it is one of the most essential components in any backyard multi barrier safety system.

A Safety Cover is a load carrying cover which completely blocks access to the swimming pool, while still allowing water to pass through the sturdy mesh.

A strong Safety Cover, securely anchored into the pool deck, can prevent access to the pool. A Safety Cover is like a trampoline stretched over the pool and improves the appearance of any backyard during winter

By choosing a Safety Cover you can save water and prevent debris from entering the pool during the no swim season.

Every Safety Cover is custom made to fit any size or shape of swimming pool. And yes we can in almost all cases design the cover to be installed around rocks!

To create the perfect fit; the swimming pool is very carefully measured and each cover is designed by using a C.A.D. system. Stainless steel springs and brass hardware are just a few of the many anchoring devices during the installation and all hardware is designed for long life. 

The lightweight mesh material allows water to pass through the cover when installed and allows air to pass through the cover during storage keeping it dry and free from mould.

Each Safety Cover is complete with up to a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  Click here to view the Manufacturer's Warranty

Available Colours

Click here to View our Photo Gallery!


All liners are constructed from 100% Virgin Vinyl. Custom designed, cut and constructed specifically for your pool. Formulated to fight off mold, mildew and the fading effects of the sunlight, heat and chemicals. All of the seams in the liner are overlapped 3/4" providing the strongest, most durable hold available.
Our liners are manufactured by PoolWerx and feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty.



 The Process of Changing your Liner:

Drain the pool:
Our team will set up and monitor gas powered pumps to quickly empty your pool. Once emptied the old liner is cut away and disposed of. The pool walls are pressure washed and cleaned. 


Measure the pool:
Once the pool is drained and cleaned the pool is professionally measured and a manufacturing drawing is prepared on AutoCad. This drawing is used by PoolWerx® to design your custom liner and manufacture it from the vinyl of your choice.

Pool Repairs:
During the manufacture process which is approximately a week (depending on the time of year) the pool is inspected and any repairs that are necessary will be completed. Unfortunately it is often not possible to see what repairs are needed until the old liner has been removed and the pool surface cleaned. Included in all Image quotations is to sand any rusty spots and paint the sanded area and to tape all joins in the steel.


Your Image Project Manager will review the condition of the pool with you as soon as it has been cleaned and measured. 


Pool Preparation:
Once any repairs have been completed the pool goes through the final preparation before the new liner is installed.

  • The pool surface is checked for rust spots, areas are sanded and painted
  • New gaskets are installed for the skimmer(s) and return jets.
  • All steel seams checked for smoothness and are taped to protect the liner

The pool is given its final clean and is vacuumed to make sure the pool bottom is free from any dirt or grit.


Liner Installation:
Once the preparation is complete the new custom manufactured liner is installed.

  • The liner is carefully clipped in place
  • Once installed the pool is filled and at the appropriate time the stair opening(s) are cut and the new beauty strip installed.
  • Later as the pool fills with water the Image team will monitor the level and at the appropriate time return and install the return jets and finally the skimmer(s).
  • When full with water Image will test the water chemistry and add the appropriate chemicals and start the pool equipment.

Inground Liners:

All liners are constructed from 100% Virgin Vinyl (28 mil). Colour of material may vary. Ask your Image representative to supply you with actual liner samples.

In the manufacturing process of the liner, seam lines may be visible.

Custom is standard!

F* = Floor

W* = Wall

While Samples Last – Classic Program

Above Ground Liners:

All liners are constructed from 100% Virgin Vinyl (20 mil).
Colour of material may vary. Ask your Image representative to supply you with actual liner samples.
In the manufacturing process of the liner, seam lines may be visible.
Custom is standard!