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Safety Covers


A Safety Cover over the backyard pool is not only better looking than other traditional winter covers but it is one of the most essential components in any backyard multi barrier safety system.

A Safety Cover is a load carrying cover which completely blocks access to the swimming pool, while still allowing water to pass through the sturdy mesh.

A strong Safety Cover, securely anchored into the pool deck, can prevent access to the pool. A Safety Cover is like a trampoline stretched over the pool and improves the appearance of any backyard during winter

By choosing a Safety Cover you can save water and prevent debris from entering the pool during the no swim season.

Every Safety Cover is custom made to fit any size or shape of swimming pool. And yes we can in almost all cases design the cover to be installed around rocks!

To create the perfect fit; the swimming pool is very carefully measured and each cover is designed by using a C.A.D. system. Stainless steel springs and brass hardware are just a few of the many anchoring devices during the installation and all hardware is designed for long life. 

The lightweight mesh material allows water to pass through the cover when installed and allows air to pass through the cover during storage keeping it dry and free from mould.

Each Safety Cover is complete with up to a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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