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The following Hayward Natural Gas or Propane swimming pool heaters are available from Image Home Improvements Inc.

Other products are also available upon request.

Universal H-Series

This energy efficient, high performance heater requires either 230VAC or 115VAC to power the unit. The heater is equipped with a cupro nickel heat exchanger which has excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance and an exclusive 'Totally Managed' cupro nickel heat exchanger water flow which has the same water velocity through all tubes for faster water heating.
Low NOx emissions.

Available in the following sizes:

150,000 BTU, 200,000 BTU, 250,000 BTU, 300,000 BTU, 350,000 BTU, 399,900 BTU

Natural Gas or Propane

H-Series Millivolt

The heaters include a rust-resistant water path with a polymer header assembly and a rapid-heat combustion chamber. The heater does not require additional electrical power.

The heaters are equipped with a cupro nickel Heat Exchanger for efficient heating and durability which provides improved durability and longevity against the damaging effects that can occur under high-flow conditions or from occasional pool chemical imbalances, and is ideal for salt-chlorinated pools.

Available in the following sizes:

150,000 BTU, 200,000 BTU, 250,000 BTU

Natural Gas or Propane.

H-Series Electronic Heater (ED2)

Direct spark ignition heaters come with stainless steel burners and a corrosion-resistant Finn Plate heat exchanger with cupro nickel and Fire Tile combustion chamber.

Available in the following sizes:

250,000 BTU

Natural Gas

We also carry Jandy and Sta-Rite heaters.