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The “Image” Advantage:

Image is proud to team up with Enersol as an Authorized Dealer & Installer


Save Energy and Money with ‘Enersol’ Solar Heating:

By switching to Solar Heating you will be able to keep you pool open longer with free energy from the sun!

We all know the heavy impact gas heaters have on our summer gas bills – why not eliminate these bills completely this summer!

With Solar Heating you are able to save both money and energy. Solar energy prevents carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere while reducing smog.

Once installed, Solar heating is very easy to maintain – saving time and cost for the homeowner.



How it Works:

Your pool water is pumped through the solar panels installed onto your roof.
Sun rays warm the water that is in the solar panels.
The heated water is then returned into the pool water.

 What do you have to loose? – Other than high gas bills...

Go Green this summer with an ‘Enersol’ Pool Heating System!

Benefits of Solar Heating:

      • Green Technology
      • Environmentally Safe
      • Non Polluting
      • Cost Effective
      • No Greenhouse Gases


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