Terms and Conditions - Services

Swimming Pool Services:

Advance Service Pricing:
The prices for Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze  service contracts  are one time advance payment. The prices are discounted prices for contracts booked and paid for by the end of March in the year the contract is for.

Pool Open and Pool Close schedule is based on a First Come First Served process.
Pool maintenance for Platinum & Gold contracts is normally scheduled for Friday, Thursday and Wednesday. When booking the maintenance day can be selected. This is a "First Come First Served" process.
Pool maintenance for Silver and Bronze contracts  is normally scheduled for Monday or Tuesday and the first and third week of the month comencing the month following the pool opening.

Only Platinum and Gold packages include an initial pool cleaning. Bronze and Silver do not include an initial pool cleaning. If an initial pool clean is required it is an additional fee and subject to schedule availability. Platinum and Gold take priority in the schedule.

Each season repeat Platinum Customers are given Elite Priority for selecting the Open Date and the Day of Maintenance.
Elite customers are contacted by Image Home Improvements Inc in early February of each year and orders are processed on a First Come First Served basis.
After Platinum customers Image contact and processes orders for all other service levels.
In each group our staff process orders in the sequence that responses have been received.
This policy provides customers with a very fair process as the schedule for the spring fills up extremely quickly. We process orders and lock in the open date in the schedule on a first come first server basis.

All contract levels are invoiced and payment must be received by Image Home Improvements Inc before the schedules are updated.

Pool Open:
Pool Open service without a maintenance program is a Prepaid Service. 
Orders are processed and entered into the schedule on a "First Come First Served" basis and order is final once paid for.

Pool Close:

Pool Close service without a maintenance program is paid for upon completion of the work. Orders are processed and entered into the schedule on a "First Come First Served" basis.

Gas Heaters:

When the swimming pool is opened Image Home Improvements Inc technicians do not start a gas heater or turn on the gas valve to the heater.
If you require a gas heater to be started or the pilot lit this has to be scheduled with our licensed gas technician and the cost is extra. 

Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Pool Maintenance programs and Pool Open Services are Prepaid Services. No cancellation after payment has been received by Image Home Improvements Inc. 

Move House:
If the customer moves house and the service is not passed onto the new home owner Image will refund the unused portion of the contract using the following calculation.
The effective termination date will be the date written confirmation is given to Image. The start date of the agreement is the day the pool is opened. Example: If 16 weeks are purchased and the date written notice is given is 10 weeks after the open date the refund will be (16-10)=6 visits x applicable weekly rate for service only + Pool Close fee less discounted rate for single payment.

Mobile Pool Testing:
When Image Home Improvements Inc. is contracted to open and close your pool you are entitled to receive our weekly pool testing service.
One of our pool technicians will visit your house on a scheduled day in a mobile laboratory and test the swimming pool water using state of the art testing equipment. Our system will provide a report by e-mail indicating the water chemistry. The technician will add the required chemicals to the pool to balance the water.
You pay for the chemicals used. All pool chemicals for the season are to be provided by Image Home Improvements Inc. and charged at season rates. Customer agrees not to purchase chemicals from any other supplier. The Mobile Testing Service will be cancelled if chemicals not supplied by Image Home Improvements Inc are added to the pool.
Each week you will receive a door hanger notifying you of the chemicals added to the pool. Every 2 weeks an invoice is sent to you for the chemicals used and on the first of each month the balance must be paid for the previous month.
Unless otherwise approved by management payment is processed each month on your credit card on file.
If Image is not contracted to Open and Close the pool there is a service charge for weekly mobile testing at season rates.