Pool Open & Close - What is included

The following are the tasks completed for Pool Opening:

  • Pump off water from top of cover (If necessary)
  • Remove winter cover
  • Lightly wash winter cover
  • Fold and put away winter cover
  • Lightly wash water bags (If Required)
  • Lightly wash pool deck
  • Install steps - check condition
  • Remove winter plugs & gizmo
  • Install pool jets and skimmer basket.
  • Install pool light(s)
  • Install heater flow switch *note below
  • Install Salt Cell if salt water pool
  • Install filter drain plug & site glass
  • Set filter valve for summer use – Sand Filter
  • Install filter cartridges - Cartridge Filter
  • Install pump drain plugs and basket
  • Prime and run pump – inspect and check operation of equipment Image uses a tool to allow pump to operate if level is low - no return trip necessary
  • Add opening chemicals to pool
  • All Chemicals extra at season price

Note:  Technicians opening the pool will not turn on gas valves, start heaters or light heater pilots. This can be arranged with our licensed gas technician at an extra cost.


The following are the tasks completed for Pool Closing:

  • Remove Solar Blanket - Roll Up or fold
  • Backwash filter/Rinse/Set for Winter
  • Pump down water - 3" below return jets
  • Remove filter drain plug, gauge & glass
  • Remove backwash hose
  • Open pump & remove drain plugs
  • Blow out suction and return lines
  • Install skimmer gizzmo + 1 cup of antifreeze
  • Bag skimmer cover and zip tie
  • Blow out solar if applicable
  • Plug return jets
  • Remove ladder(s)
  • Remove light(s) and sink
  • Add winterizing chemicals (charged for extra)
  • Heater - disconnect flow switch if not manifold monted.
  • Turn off gas supply to heater at shut off valve
  • Set heater gas valve to off
  • Remove drain plugs for blow out and replace.
  • Cover varivalve with garbage bag
  • Install winter cover
  • All Chemicals extra at season price