December 2023

Seasons Greetings from your Image team. We wish you a Prosperous New Year.

We will be in touch in February to book you pool opening.

If you would like to secure your pool open and service level for 2024 now and at 2023 prices click on this link to place your order and secure your desired open date.




Existing customers have priority in our winter Home Renovation Schedule.

If you have plans for a renovation, maybe a bathroom, kitchen, basement or full home makeover please contact us.

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A few of last winter projects - Do you need a bathroom renovation?

 Great Room



Some highlights of the 2023 pool season.

Pool Stair Coating:

in 2023 we introduced stair coating to restore old stairs and give a new look to the pool.

The following project included a new liner - but the coating can also be applied without changing the liner.


Stair & Liner



Steel Steps & Bench:

This back yard project included a pool upgrade - installing steel steps & bench and new side mount coping to bring the liner up to the new stonework.
(Currently in progress)

Steel Stairs

Pool & Backyard renovation:

This project included a pool renovation, design and instalation of steel stairs into the pool, a new liner, removal of old coping stones and all new interlock around the pool plus upgrade stairs and retaining walls, all new pool equipment and automation.

Ali Before & After

Ali Stairs

Pool Tile & Paint:

The weather has been a challange, but with patience we have completed several projects similiar to the following.

 Tile & PAint

Remove Pool & create a new back yard:

Occasionaly the opposite happens - a pool is removed and not installed!

Project included retaining walls and fencing around the property.



A number of fence projects have been completed this spring & summer.



Deck & Interlock:

A neighbour saw the quality of our work and asked for a deck and patio to be upgraded!

Deck & Interlock